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Looking for a great dive watch that doesn't break the bank?

We know that finding a good dive watch can be tough - there are so many options on the market today.

That's why we've put together this list of the five best dive watches under 1000. We'll take a look at each watch's features and discuss why it might be a good choice for you.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, there is sure to be a watch on our list that meets your needs!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our list and find the perfect dive watch for you today!

How We Chose the Best Dive Watches

It can be hard to find the best dive watches for your needs.

With all of the different brands and styles of dive watches on the market, it can be tough to determine which one is right for you.

We chose dive watches that tend to withstand extreme pressure and water resistance equal to or more than 100 meters.

After reading through thousands of reviews, I’ve compiled a list of the best dive watches under 1,000 for divers and collectors alike.

My list includes both affordable and high-end watches, so there’s something for everyone.

Best Bulova Dive Watch

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph

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Why We Like It

The Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Men's Watch is the perfect choice for those who demand quality and accuracy in their timepieces. It is one of the best dive watches under 1000.

Powered by Bulova's proprietary Precisionist eight-hand quartz chronograph movement with a 262kHz vibrational frequency, this watch is eight times more accurate than standard timepieces. It has a colorful touch.

The stainless steel and gray IP screw-back case with a screw-down crown protect the black carbon fiber chronograph dial with a date feature, while the curved mineral crystal adds an extra layer of protection.

The stainless-steel bracelet with fold-over buckle closure, safety bar, and extender ensures a comfortable and secure fit, while the 300 m (984 ft) water resistance rating means you can take this watch anywhere. It is visible even in complete darkness

Things You Should Know

Launched in 2016, the Precisionist X Collection is the world’s most advanced chronograph.

The collection celebrates the perfect blend of technology and design innovation, with statement-making case shapes and the incorporation of innovative materials such as 18K gold and Damascus steel.

The collection features a continuously sweeping second hand, which is a first for the Swiss watch industry.

The result is a watch that is not only accurate to within 1/10th of a second but also has a sleek and modern design.

Whether you are looking for a dress watch or a sports watch, the Precisionist X Collection has something for everyone.

With its combination of style and function, it is no wonder that the collection has been so successful.

If you are looking for a watch that is sure to impress, look no further than the Precisionist X Collection.

Watch Features:

Bezel Function: Stationary

Case diameter: 46.5 millimeters

Best Tissot Dive Watch

Tissot Seastar PRO 2K PW80

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Why We Like It

The Tissot Seastar PRO 2K PW80 is a top-of-the-line dive watch that is perfect for those who enjoy the water.

With mechanical movement, this watch is both accurate and durable, while the stainless-steel case ensures that it will withstand even the most active lifestyles.

The domed beveled glass in single-sided anti-reflective sapphire makes this timepiece truly unique, while the case back in index dial type allows you to keep track of the time even when you're underwater.

The hours, minutes, and seconds functions are all easy to read, and the date function means that you'll never miss an important appointment.

Best of all, the Seastar PRO 2K PW80 has water resistance up to 2000 m (6562 ft), making it the perfect choice for those who enjoy diving and other water sports.

Things You Should Know

Seastar 1000 was first introduced in 1974 as a watch for professional divers. It was one of the first watches to be equipped with a uni-directional bezel, which allowed divers to keep track of their dive time.

The watch was also equipped with a helium escape valve, which released pressure build-up from diving at depths of over 200 m (656 ft).

Since its introduction, the Seastar 1000 has undergone several updates and is now available in a variety of different styles.

Whether you are looking for a dive watch with a vintage look or a modern take on the Seastar 1000, Tissot has something for everyone.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line dive watch that is both stylish and functional, the Seastar 1000 is a perfect choice. It Comes Seiko International Organization warranty.

Watch Features:

Ceramic Bezel

Case diameter: 46.5 millimeters

Best Seiko Dive Watch

Seiko Prospex Monster

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Why We Like It

Looking for a top-quality, reliable watch that can handle anything you throw at it? Then check out the Seiko Prospex Monster.

This rugged and stylish timepiece is perfect for men who want a watch that looks great and can withstand any adventure.

Made with a silver-tone stainless steel bracelet and case, this dive watch is built to last. It features an automatic movement with manual winding capacity, ensuring that it's always accurate.

The black dial with LumiBrite hour markers and 3 hands is easy to read, even in low-light conditions.

And the black stainless steel 1-way rotating elapsed timing bezel is both functional and stylish.

The day of the month window at the 3 positions and the date window at the 12 positions make it easy to keep track of the time.

With a water resistance rating of 200 m (660 ft), this Seiko watch is perfect for those who enjoy diving and other water sports.

It's also a great choice for those who live an active lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a watch to wear every day or one that can handle your next adventure, the Seiko Prospex Monster is a perfect choice.

Things You Should Know

Seiko's innovative technology has set global standards for dive watches.

The Best dive watch of 1965 was the first of its kind and Seiko has been constantly striving to bring greater reliability and safety to both professional and recreational divers.

Seiko Prospex challenges every limit, with a collection of timepieces for sports lovers and adventure seekers whether in the water, in the sky, or on land. It has automatic movement.

Engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions on Earth and beyond, each model is a precision instrument designed to function flawlessly in even the most hostile environments.

Choose your next timepiece knowing that it is built to last a lifetime and beyond – just like your adventures.

And with Swiss Brand's comprehensive international warranty, you can be assured of seamless service no matter where your travels take you.

Best Victorinox Dive Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's I.N.O.X. Pro Diver Watch

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Why We Like It

Introducing the Victorinox Swiss Army Men's I.N.O.X. Pro Diver Watch.

This luxurious timepiece is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It's crafted with only the finest materials, including a stainless-steel bracelet and case, and a water-resistant design that can withstand depths of up to 200m/660ft.

Plus, it comes with the official ISO certification for divers' watches, making it a truly top-of-the-line choice for anyone looking for the best of the best.

Whether you're an experienced diver or just enjoy being out on the water, this watch is an essential addition to your collection.

So don't wait any longer, order your Victorinox Swiss Army brand INOX pro diver watch.

Things You Should Know

All too often, our everyday items are not built to withstand the rigors of professional use.

Watches are a perfect example - while many of us have a timepiece that we wear daily, few of us have one that is durable enough to withstand the challenges of a professional environment.

The I.N.O.X. Professional Diver watch is designed to change that, offering a robust and sporty timepiece that is built to take on any environment.

Whether you're on the ground or high up in the stratosphere, this watch can take the pressure.

With its shockproof and anti-magnetic construction, it is resistant to water, high pressure, vibrations, and extreme temperature variations.

In total, it has undergone 130 tests to guarantee its resistance and functionality.

So if you're looking for a watch that can keep up with your active lifestyle, the I.N.O.X. Professional Diver is a perfect choice.

Best Citizen Dive Watch

Citizen Promaster GMT Diver BJ7128-59E

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Why We Like It

Looking for a fully-featured dive watch with a splash of color? Look no further than the Promaster GMT Diver from Citizen.

This stylish timepiece features a stainless-steel band and black dial accented with red and blue for a bold look that's sure to turn heads.

The anti-reflective sapphire crystal face is scratch resistant and ensures easy reading, even in low-light conditions.

The dive-grade luminous hands and markers are also easy to read, even underwater.

Other features include anti-shock, anti-magnetic protection, dual-time functionality, and a rotating bezel.

Most importantly, the Promaster GMT Diver has water resistance up to 200 meters, making it perfect for any adventure.

So whether you're hitting the beach or the slopes, this watch can keep up. Worth the money paid.

Things You Should Know

The Promaster GMT Diver from Citizen is the perfect watch for both style-conscious divers and those who appreciate the functionality.

The stainless-steel band and black dial are accented with red and blue for a bold look that stands out from the crowd, while the anti-reflective sapphire crystal and dive-grade luminous hands and markers provide superior legibility underwater.

In addition, the watch is equipped with anti-shock, anti-magnetic, and dual-time features, as well as a rotating bezel that allows divers to keep track of their dive time.

Powered by Eco-Drive technology, this watch is sure to provide years of reliable service.

Whether you're looking for a sophisticated dive watch or a stylish everyday timepiece, the Promaster GMT Diver from Citizen is a perfect choice.

Best Hamilton Dive Watch

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba

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Why We Like It

Looking for a rugged, sophisticated watch that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Look no further than the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba.

This handsome timepiece features a black rubber strap, silver-tone case, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The black dial is accented with silver-tone details, and the uni-directional rotating bezel makes it easy to keep track of time.

The tang clasp ensures a secure fit, and the 100-meter water resistance means you can wear it with confidence, whether you're swimming, sailing, or just enjoying a day at the beach.

So go ahead and take the plunge...with the Hamilton Scuba on your wrist, you're always ready for adventure.

Things You Should Know

Whether you're an experienced diver or just getting started, the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Analog watch is a great choice.

It has automatic movement and water resistance up to 100 m, making it perfect for both shallow and deep-water exploration.

The uni-directional rotating bezel is also a great feature, allowing you to keep track of your dive time without having to worry about accidental resetting. It has a rubber strap.

Best of all, the price tag is very reasonable for a watch of this quality.

So whether you're looking for your first dive watch or looking to upgrade, the Hamilton Scuba Analog should be on your list.

Best Dive Watches FAQs

If you're looking for the best dive watches, you have a lot of questions.

Buying a dive watch can be confusing. There are a lot of factors to consider and it's hard to know which one is right for you.

We've put together this FAQs page to help make your decision easier.

Here, you'll find information about water resistance, movement types, and more.

Plus, we've answered some of the most common questions that our customers ask us.

What is the best diving watch?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are a variety of diving watches on the market, each with its unique features and benefits.

However, we can narrow down the field to a few of the best dive watches available.

Some of the best diving watches on the market include the Seiko Prospex Diver’s Watch, the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver’s Watch, and the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph.

Each of these watches has the distinct features that make it ideal for diving.

What is the toughest dive watch?

The toughest dive watches are those that are made to withstand the most extreme conditions. Popular brands for tough dive watches include Rolex, Seiko, and Citizen.

One of the most popular watches for divers is the Rolex Submariner.

This watch was designed specifically for diving and can withstand depths of up to 1,000 feet. It also has a patented Oyster case that helps protect it from water and dust.

Another popular tough dive watch is the Seiko SKX007K2. This watch is known for its durability and can be submerged in water up to 200 meters (656 feet). It also has a Hardlex crystal face that makes it resistant to scratches.

The Citizen Promaster Diver BJ8050-08E is another tough dive watch that can withstand depths of up to 500 meters (1640 feet).

It has a stainless-steel case and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal face.

These are just a few of the best tough dive watches on the market. When choosing a tough dive watch, it's important to consider your individual needs and preferences.

What watch do divers wear?

Answer: The typical dive watch is a water-resistant watch with a unidirectional bezel and a depth rating of at least 100 meters.

Divers often wear watches with a helium release valve to relieve the pressure that can build up inside the watch as it is submerged deeper and deeper.

This valve allows helium gas to escape from the watch so that it doesn't explode on the surface.

Some divers also prefer watches with luminescent hands and markers so that they can read the time even in dark waters. Some like leather straps while others prefer stainless steel straps.

Who makes the deepest dive watch?

The deepest dive watch is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deep Sea Challenge. It can withstand a pressure of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet).

Rolex has been making wristwatches since 1905, and over the years they have developed several wristwatches that are designed for extreme conditions.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deep Sea Challenge is one of their newer models, and it has been designed to meet the demands of deep-sea diving.

It is made with a 904L stainless steel case and a helium escape valve that allows gas to escape during decompression.

It also has a uni-directional rotating bezel and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

What watches do Navy SEALs wear?

There is no one specific watch that Navy SEALs wear. Military personnel is known to use a variety of watches, depending on the mission and their personal preferences.

Some popular brands that SEALs have been seen wearing include Rolex, Breitling, and Omega.

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