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Tired of running to the store just for a bag of ice?

If you're looking for an ice maker that can provide you with fresh and delicious ice whenever you need it, then look no further than our top 5 picks.

Each one is packed full of features such as adjustable temperature settings, easy-to-clean trays and filters, and more.

Plus, they come in a variety of sizes so whether you need something small or large – we've got it covered!

With the best under-counter ice maker from Top 5 Picks, say goodbye to constantly refilling your regular old trays with water, and hello to never worrying about running out of ice again!

Whether it's for entertaining guests or cooling down on hot summer days - now you can have all the convenience of having access to delicious ice at home.

Visit our website today and read up on each product so you can make an informed decision about which counter Ice Maker is right for your needs. Don’t wait any longer – start shopping now!

Things you should consider before buying Undercounter Ice Maker

It’s summertime and living is easy - but that also means your refrigerator is working overtime to keep up with all of your cold drink needs.

Not only does this put a strain on your fridge, but it can also drive up your energy bills.

An Undercounter Ice Maker is the perfect solution to this problem. Not only will it take some of the load off of your fridge, but it will also save you money on your energy bills.

EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb Undercounter Clear Ice Maker

Features computerized controls and an internal drain pump.

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The EgeStar IB450SSP Undercounter Ice Maker is a great way to get a steady supply of ice quickly.

This machine produces up to 50 pounds of clear, cubed ice each day, so you’ll never have to worry about running out. It features computerized controls and an internal drain pump.

What we like:

Elevate the at-home party experience with the EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb Undercounter Clear Ice Maker!

This deluxe piece of equipment from EdgeStar is sure to make a statement in your kitchen or entertainment space.

With a massive capacity of fifty pounds, you’ll never have to worry about having enough ice for any gathering.

The incredible product dimensions also allow it to conveniently fit under most counters and bars. The stylish stainless steel finish and easy-to-use LED display don’t hurt either!

This powerful under-counter Clear Ice Maker utilizes 115 volts of electricity to produce restaurant-grade ice cubes perfect for chilling cocktails and soft drinks.

Unlike traditional cubed ice makers, the EdgeStar IB450SSP produces clear cubes that melt more slowly, ensuring your beverages stay cold longer than ever before.

This clear ice can also be used as an impressive addition to your own home bar setting or kitchen section.

The luxurious accents on the EdgeStar IB450SSP aren’t just pleasing to the eyes; all components of this masterpiece were designed with absolute precision for optimal performance every single time.

For added convenience, four Free-standing Easy Roll Casters are included so you can easily roll the machine in and out from underneath the counters without any hassle - making it easier than ever before to enjoy clear, fresh ice whenever you want!

Things you should consider:

EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb Undercounter Clear Ice Maker is the perfect investment for business owners and consumers alike who need consistent and reliable ice production day in and out.

his EdgeStar unit produces up to 50 lbs of clear cubed ice a day as well as offering 25 pounds of storage space while still maintaining optimal insulation temperatures - far exceeding that of regular freezers.

The EdgeStar comes to build with a commercial grade stainless steel door, removable ice bin, computerized controls, adjustable leveling legs, an internal drain pump, 4.5 ft drain hose length, and includes an ice scoop for convenience all encased within a stylish stainless steel grill design with an additional option to be installed on either the freestanding or built-in applications.

To ensure its optimal performance EdgeStar also recommends installation by a licensed plumber - so don't miss out on this incredible appliance!

Manitowoc Air Cooled Undercounter Half Dice Cube Ice Machine

Compact ice maker also features a built-in air filter.

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The Manitowoc Undercounter Half Dice Cube Ice Machine is the perfect solution for commercial applications.

With an easy-to-use manual control system, this machine produces up to 20 lbs of half-dice cube ice in 24 hours.

The Manitowoc Undercounter Half Dice Cube compact ice maker also features a built-in air filter.

What we like:

Attention all restaurant, bar, and cafe owners - meet the Manitowoc UYF-0140A NEO Undercounter Half Dice Cube Ice Machine! Start producing perfect, top-quality nugget ice without taking up precious kitchen floor space.

With a 90-pound daily capacity and 115 Volt input, you'll never be short on cubes for the day.

This air-cooled machine is sure to help your keeps drinks nice and cold no matter how busy your establishment gets.

Plus, it’s equipped with an energy-efficient R134a refrigerant system to keep ice cubes fresh while saving you money in the long run.

From small gatherings to large parties, this small but mighty Manitowoc ice machine can handle any job with ease.

Make your life easier and give your customers the best cold drinks around - get the Manitowoc Undercounter Half Dice Cube Ice Machine today!

Things you should consider:

Manitowoc's Air Cooled Undercounter Half Dice Cube Ice Machine is perfect for those areas where space is a concern and requires a reliable ice source.

This machine comes with impressive dimensions of 26" W x 28" D x 36.50" H and weighs 153 lbs, which makes it convenient to store or move around when needed.

Manitowoc includes an excellent commercial warranty for 3 years on all parts and labor for the machine and storage bin, 5 years of parts & labor for the evaporator, and 5 years s parts & 3 years’ labor for the compressor.

The voltage on this efficient machine is (-161) 115v/60/1-ph, giving it a power rating of 5.0 amps along with a 6 ft cord that comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug type.

Manitowoc offers superior quality when it comes to its products and this air-cooled half-dice cube ice machine easily proves that!

Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

Unique water quality sensor will detect hard water conditions.

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The Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker is the perfect addition to any kitchen or bar.

With its sleek design and easy-to-use control panel, this unit produces up to 64 lbs of ice in 24 hours and can store up to 26 lbs of ice at one time. The unique water quality sensor will detect hard water conditions.

What we like:

It’s time to upgrade your kitchen with the powerful, reliable Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker.

Offering 26 pounds of storage for all of your ice-making needs, you'll never be without cubes again!

Crafted from durable stainless steel, it's designed to last for years in even the busiest of kitchens. Plus, the sleek design is sure to match any style of decor.

This machine is equipped with advanced technology that allows it to create 12 batches of ice every 24 hours - that’s a total of 95 cubes per cycle.

Each cube is shapely and crystal clear, perfect for every cocktail or beverage you need to cool down quickly.

Best yet, this machine runs on only 115 volts and requires low energy consumption!

Not to mention it comes complete with an easy-to-use cleaning and maintenance program that helps ensure optimal performance day after day.

For a dependable piece of equipment that looks great too, the CU50GA Ice Maker is an ideal choice. Get one today and enjoy sparkling ice whenever you need it most!

Things you should consider:

Scotsman's CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker is an impressive piece of equipment. It boasts 64 lbs. of gourmet ice produced in 24 hours and stores up to 26 lbs for later use.

This machine is designed with tight spaces in mind; its 15" cabinet width allows it to be used in areas with minimal room.

Scotsman is also proud of the quality of its product; its crystal-clear, uniquely-shaped ice boasts a slow melt that won't dilute drinks or alter the flavor.

A water-quality sensor detects hard water conditions and flushes away any mineral buildup between harvests, making this machine worry-free and easy to use the user-friendly control panel informs owners if power is on, alerts a no-water condition, and reminds them when it's time to clean.

Scotsman shines above competitors when it comes to an under-counter ice machine maker that guarantees satisfaction.

Topdeep Commercial Ice Maker

Adjustable temperature control allowing you to customize the size of your ice cubes to fit different drinks.

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The TEC Undercounter Ice Maker is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, space-saving ice machine.

This model produces up to 36 pounds of ice per day and stores up to 28 pounds at once.

It has an adjustable temperature control allowing you to customize the size of your ice cubes to fit different drinks.

What we like:

Introducing the newest addition to your kitchen – the Topdeep Commercial Ice Maker!

This powerful and efficient appliance is guaranteed to keep businesses, restaurants, or busy households supplied with up to 90 pounds of ice per day.

The generator operates on 190 watts and 110 volts and its dimensions are 14"D x 17" W x 30"H so you can easily fit it into any space.

Not only does this incredible appliance provide enough ice for everything from parties to banquets, but it also offers the convenience of having fresh, clean ice whenever you need it.

With an easy-to-use control panel and a self-cleaning cycle that ensures maximum efficiency, the Topdeep Commercial Ice Maker is a built-in ice maker to last.

When things get hectic and you don't have time to run out and buy a bag of ice cubes – just turn on your Topdeep Commercial Ice Maker! It quickly produces crystal-clear cubes without any noise or mess.

It’s perfect for commercial use, so if you’re running a restaurant or catering business, there’s no better choice than this amazing machine that effortlessly provides a stable energy supply and instant cooling power in one convenient package.

Things you should consider:

Topdeep Commercial Ice Maker is a powerful machine that you can rely on for ice-making needs.

Featuring branded imported compressor and a capacity of up to 90 pounds within 24 hours, Topdeep ensures you get clear and standard-sized cubes of 0.9" x 0.9" x 0.9" with just one cycle in 10-18 minutes!

Not only that but Top Deep also provides two convenient ways to access water - directly from the tap and using gallon bottles - as well as an easy-to-use adjustable timer to manage the size and thickness of the ice cubes.

Plus, Topdeep gives you additional peace of mind with its automatic overflow prevention features so that you never have to worry about running out of ice cubes again!

EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Can be sure of efficient performance with this machine.

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The Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine is a great choice for anyone looking to have fresh and delicious ice all the time.

With its powerful compressor, adjustable temperature settings, easy-to-clean trays, filters, and automatic overflow prevention, you can be sure of efficient performance with this machine.

What we like:

Look no further for icy-cold refreshments with the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine at your next event.

From small barbecues to large gatherings, this ice maker adds a boost of convenience to quench everyone’s thirst!

With its cool and polished stainless steel finish, the EUHOMY Ice Maker complements any decor.

With its impressive 100-pound capacity, you'll never run short on chilled beverages or frosty desserts.

Its exceptional build makes it user-friendly and reliable; temperature auto-adjusts to make sure you have perfect ice every time.

From easy assembly to effortless operation, enjoy crystal clear ice cubes with every batch produced in just 6 minutes!

Enjoy entertaining family and friends without lifting a finger with the innovative EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine. Pick one up today and get ready to beat the heat—for years to come!

Things you should consider:

EUHOMY's Commercial Ice Maker Machine is the perfect appliance to make sure you have a reliable, steady supply of ice any time you need it.

This quality machine can produce up to 100 pounds of ice per day, and its 33-pound ice storage capacity lets you store large quantities without taking up too much room.

Plus, the automatic overflow prevention feature means no more unnecessary worrying about overflowing cubes.

Whether it be for your office or home use, EUHOMY's commercial ice maker machine will certainly help your family satisfy all their icy needs!

With its ETL certification, versatility, and durability, EUHOMY's commercial ice maker machine is an amazing investment that is sure to last.

Undercounter Ice Maker FAQs

Owning an under-counter ice maker can be a great way to improve your quality of life, but there are some things you need to know before making your purchase.

An under-counter ice maker can make your life so much easier by providing you with a steady stream of ice, but there are some important factors you need to consider before making your purchase.

Our FAQ section will answer all of the questions you have about owning an under-counter ice maker, from how much ice space it will take up in your kitchen to how often you'll need to replace the water filter.

We also have a buying guide that can help you decide which model is right for you.

Do all undercounter ice makers need a drain?

No, not all under-counter ice makers need a drain. There are models out there that don't require a drain line and use an internal reservoir instead to collect the melted ice. 

However, if you plan on using these models, it's important to remember to empty the reservoir regularly to avoid any issues with performance or efficiency.

Do under-counter ice makers keep ice frozen?

No, the best under-counter ice makers are not designed to keep ice frozen. 

They are made to produce fresh cubes every time, so the ice will melt over some time and need to be replaced. 

If you want your ice to stay cold for a longer period.

What are the cons of ice machines?

Although ice machines are a great way to constantly have fresh, delicious ice on hand, they do come with some drawbacks. 

One of the main cons is that they need regular maintenance, such as changing out filters and cleaning the internal components. 

Additionally, these appliances can be quite loud when running and can take up valuable counter space in your kitchen.

Do ice makers waste a lot of water?

No, ice makers don't waste a lot of water. Many models are designed with advanced technology that monitors the amount of water used and can reduce consumption when necessary. 

Additionally, some models have built-in reservoirs that collect melted ice so you don't need to worry about wasting any water from melting cubes.

What fails on ice maker?

Like any other appliance, portable ice makers can experience wear and tear over time that may cause them to malfunction. 

Some of the common causes of failure include clogged water filters, faulty temperature sensors, and impellers that are not properly lubricated. 

Additionally, improper installation or poor maintenance can also lead to problems with ice makers.

Why do ice makers always break?

Ice makers don't always break; however, they can experience wear and tear over time which can lead to problems. 

Poor maintenance or incorrect installation is often the cause of these issues, so it's important to make sure your ice maker is properly set up and maintained to avoid any unexpected problems down the line.

Are ice makers hygienic?

Yes, ice makers are generally hygienic as long as they are properly maintained. 

Regularly changing out the water filters and cleaning the internal components can help keep your ice tasting fresh and prevent any bacteria or mold from growing inside the machine. 

Additionally, many models come with antimicrobial protection that helps to keep everything sanitary.

Final Words:

For those looking for a convenient way to enjoy fresh, delicious, and ready-to-serve ice anytime, an under-counter ice maker is a perfect investment.

Whether you're a busy home chef who needs extra ice for entertaining or a restaurant owner who wants a reliable machine that produces quality ice quickly and consistently, our top 5 picks have you covered.

With models ranging from basic functionality to larger-capacity machines with integrated refrigerators and digital control panels, there's something to fit everyone’s needs and budget.

So next time you head out searching for an under-counter ice maker, take some of these popular options into consideration – because when it comes to enjoying chilled drinks on-demand, nothing does the job like one of these powerful machines. Thanks for reading and happy buying!

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