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Do you want to improve your athletic performance, or are you just looking for a way to get through the day with more energy?

No matter your goal, our list of the best nitric oxide supplements can help.

Nitric oxide is a chemical that helps your body regulate blood flow and oxygen levels, which can be particularly helpful if you're training hard.

But even if you're not an athlete, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from taking nitric oxide supplements.

What is nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide (NO) is a small molecule produced in the body by a family of enzymes called NO synthases.

Nitric oxide is a free radical, which means that it has an unpaired electron in its outer shell.

This electron makes Nitric oxide highly reactive and unstable but also aids its ability to diffuse throughout the body and cross cell membranes.

NO has many roles in human health and disease, including vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels), neurotransmission, and regulation of gene expression.

It also acts as a signaling molecule between cells or tissues; this role is particularly important in the cardiovascular system, where the endothelium — the inner lining of blood vessels — releases NO during vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels).

How nitric oxide supplements work

Nitric oxide boosters work by increasing blood flow to the muscles. This is done by dilating your blood vessels and allowing more oxygen-rich blood to flow to your muscles.

This leads to better muscle pumps, increased vascularity, and faster recovery times.

To understand how nitric oxide supplementation works or increases nitric oxide production, you need to know a little bit about how your body makes nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas that is produced in response to physical activity.

It causes blood vessels to dilate and allows more oxygen-rich blood to flow into the muscles.

This improves your ability to recover from workouts as well as increases muscle pumps and vascularity.

The most common way people supplement with nitric oxide is through L-arginine (an amino acid) or citrulline malate (a combination of l-arginine and citrulline).

These supplements are taken orally and can cause side effects such as headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and flushing.

Are nitric oxide supplements a good choice for you?

Nitric oxide is a chemical messenger that causes the widening (dilation) of blood vessels. It's produced naturally by the body, but it can also be taken in supplement form.

Nitric oxide supplements are popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and others who exercise vigorously to boost nitric oxide levels.

They claim that nitric oxide supplements improve energy levels, muscle endurance, and overall athletic performance. But does it work as advertised?

Are nitric oxide supplements safe?

Nitric oxide supplements are currently available for purchase, and these supplements are intended to help boost your body’s nitric oxide production.

Nitric oxide is a molecule that helps to relax your blood vessels, which in turn helps to improve circulation throughout your body.

As such, nitric oxide supplements are beneficial for a variety of health issues, including erectile dysfunction, heart disease, and other conditions where poor circulation is an issue.

However, there are some concerns about the safety of these supplements. This is because nitric oxide is a very powerful molecule that has the potential to cause significant damage if it gets out of control in your body.

The good news is that there are no known side effects associated with taking nitric oxide supplements at recommended doses.

Health Benefits of Taking Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric Oxide Supplements are frequently used by bodybuilders and other athletes. However, these supplements have a wide range of benefits that go beyond athletic performance.

Nitric oxide supplements are used to boost energy levels and support cardiovascular health. Nitric oxide is naturally produced in the body by enzymes that break down amino acids such as L-arginine into NO2-.

This chemical then binds to oxygen and forms nitric oxide gas (NO). Nitric oxide gas acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and can help support memory function and learning ability.

Nitric Oxide Supplements for Energy

One of the most common uses for nitric oxide supplements is to increase energy levels.

Many people find that their energy level decreases as they age or if they have an illness such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.

The reason why this happens is that there is less oxygen being delivered to your cells due to a reduced number of red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout your body.

This causes a reduction in the amount of ATP being made, which fuels all cellular functions including muscle contractions and organ function.

Increased Muscular Endurance

The main benefit of nitric oxide is that it can increase muscular endurance by increasing blood flow to muscles.

This means you have more oxygen available to your muscles, which allows you to work out longer and harder without getting tired as quickly.

Better Blood Flow to Muscles Nitric oxide supplements also help increase blood flow throughout the body, which means that not only does your muscle tissue have better access to oxygen and nutrients (like amino acids), but so do other organs like your heart and kidneys.

This helps reduce muscle soreness after workouts, promotes faster recovery time between workouts, and helps maintain normal levels of red blood cells (which carry oxygen throughout your body).

Helps With Exercise Recovery Time

Nitric oxide supplements help you recover faster from exercise. Studies have shown that nitric oxide helps the muscles heal faster and reduces oxidative stress, which can cause tissue damage during exercise.

Improves Blood Flow To The Heart And Brain

Nitric oxide supplements help improve blood flow to the heart and brain by relaxing your blood vessels.

This improves the amount of oxygen that gets delivered to your organs, muscles, and tissues. It also reduces blood pressure by lowering blood vessel resistance and improving heart function.

Helps Fight Free Radicals And Inflammation In Your Body

Nitric oxide supplements fight free radicals and inflammation in your body by increasing nitric oxide levels in your cells.

As we age, our bodies produce less nitric oxide, which leads to more free radicals and inflammation in our bodies — both of which contribute to many diseases including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many more!

Increase cognitive function

Another benefit of nitric oxide supplements is their ability to increase cognitive function.

This is because nitric oxide helps open up blood vessels in the brain, allowing blood to flow more easily through them so that nutrients can reach all parts of the brain more quickly than before taking these supplements.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying

The best nitric oxide supplements are those that have the highest quality ingredients, in the right amounts and concentrations, combined with a decent price.

This is where we come in. We've done all the research for you and have come up with a list of products that meet our criteria.


The first thing to look at when choosing the best nitric oxide supplements is the ingredients they contain — the most important being L-arginine because it's responsible for producing NO in your body.

Other ingredients include citrulline malate and L-citrulline malate, both of which help increase circulation by increasing nitric oxide production in your cells.


You'll also want to look at how many capsules are included per bottle — usually anywhere from 60-180 capsules — as well as how much each capsule costs per day (some bottles may contain two pills per day).

Best Nitric Oxide Supplements -- Our Recommendations

Best Nitric Oxide Supplement

Extra Strength Nitric Oxide Supplement L Arginine

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We’ve all been there: you’re ready to hit the gym, but you find yourself stuck in a tangle of cords and wires. What are you supposed to do?

Why We Love It:

You want to push your body to its limit, but you can’t get there if you can’t get past the first step. Well, worry no more!

This best nitric oxide supplement is specially formulated with L Citrulline and L Arginine in a 2:1 ratio, so it will give you the energy you need to power through your workouts and also help in boosting nitric oxide levels.

And it won’t leave you feeling jittery or jolted out of your workouts—our formulas are optimized for women and men of all ages.

Things You Should Know:

SilverOnyx Nitric Oxide supplements contain natural ingredients that optimize muscle growth and recovery without leaving you feeling like a mess afterward.

It’s specially formulated with L Citrulline and L Arginine (nitric oxide boosting ingredients) in a 2:1 ratio, so it will give you the energy you need to power through your workouts.

And it won’t leave you feeling jittery or jolted out of your workouts—our formulas are optimized for women and men of all ages.

Best Nitric Oxide Booster Supplement

N.O. XT Nitric Oxide Supplement

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Why We Love It:

N.O. XT Nitric Oxide Boosting Supplement is here to boost your pre-workout efficiency, increase energy and muscle growth, and improve recovery.

The cutting-edge ingredients in this supplement work together to increase blood flow, which means your workouts will be more effective than ever before.

You'll feel energized, focused, and ready to take on anything that comes your way—whether you're hitting the gym or just about to start your day!

Things You Should Know:

This supplement contains L-Arginine, L Citrulline, and Nitrosigine in a combination that's been proven to improve overall performance when taken before exercise and helps in boosting nitric oxide production effectively.

It also improves blood flow by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. This means better pumps during training sessions at the gym or just about any other activity you can think of!

Best Circulation Superfood

BioBeet® Max Strength Beet Root Capsules

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Why We Love It:

Are you looking for a way to improve your overall circulation and blood flow? Look no further than BioBeet.

Each serving of this delicious, organic beetroot powder is derived from the roots of 28,350 mg of beets—21 times more concentrated than other beet products on the market.

It's also 100% organically grown, GMO-free, and free of solvents and artificial ingredients that help in controlling blood pressure.

Things You Should Know:

BioPerine Black Pepper Extract is added to help boost the absorption of nutrients into your body and improve blood flow.

This unique combination provides a host of benefits: it improves digestion and nutrient absorption; supports healthy liver function; decreases inflammation and improves cardiovascular health.

Also, this supplement boosts immunity; supports brain health; helps fight cancerous cells; reduces pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis; promotes healthy weight loss through increased metabolism (great for athletes).

Best Nitric Oxide Flow

Nature's Pure Blend

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Why We Love It:

Nature's Pure Blend is a 100% natural nitric oxide supplement that contains clinically effective dosages of L-Arginine and other key ingredients to support healthy blood pressure levels.

The blend has been specially formulated to help you reach your goals, whether you're looking to lower your blood pressure naturally or just want to feel better overall.

It's made with all-natural ingredients, including science-based doses of L-Arginine.

Things You Should Know:

Nature's Pure Blend is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to boost their body's ability to produce nitric oxide naturally, without having to take a lot of pills every day.

Beet Root Powder

HumanN SuperBeets

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HumanN SuperBeets is the most effective way to increase your nitric oxide levels.

Why We Love It:

SuperBeets is a highly concentrated powder made from fermented and non-fermented beetroot that helps your body produce energy more efficiently, maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and support joint health.

SuperBeets is also a natural source of antioxidants and phytonutrients, which are known to promote overall wellness by promoting cardiovascular health and lowering inflammation.

Things You Should Know:

The benefits of using SuperBeets begin with its ability to help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

It does this by working through multiple mechanisms: it increases nitric oxide production in the body; it supports cardiovascular health, and it promotes joint health.

One teaspoon of this product provides up to 40 teaspoons of fresh beets' benefits—that's an incredible amount of nutrition packed into an extremely small dose!

Best Blood Flow Supplement

Juvenon Nitric Oxide Blood Flow

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Why We Love It:

Are you looking for a supplement that can help improve your heart health, while also helping you to look and feel younger?

If so, then Nitric Oxide Blood Flow-7 is the product for you.

Nitric Oxide Blood Flow-7 contains L-Citrulline and L-Arginine in carefully constructed dosages.
These ingredients are designed to increase nitric oxide levels in the body, which helps to improve blood flow and oxygenation to your organs and tissues, as well as to maintain healthy heart function.

Things You Should Know:

Additionally, this supplement contains beet root extract and green coffee bean extract, which have been shown in studies to support healthy metabolism and weight loss; green tea leaf extract; gelatin; trans-resveratrol; improving the metabolism ability to rejuvenate on the cellular level; maintain healthy organs; and more!

Best Nitric Oxide Booster

Nitric Oxide Booster by Snap Supplements

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Why We Love It

With this Nitric Oxide Booster, you'll be able to take your performance to a whole new level thanks to the combination of L Citrulline and L Arginine.

These two ingredients work together to help keep your energy levels up, improve muscle flow and muscle growth, and deliver more oxygenated blood to your muscles.

Things You Should Know

The formula also includes Tribulus Extract, which has been shown in studies to increase testosterone levels.

Panax Ginseng is included for its antioxidant properties and ability to help boost immune system function.

This supplement is perfect for both pre-workout use as well as post-workout recovery—so you can get the most out of your training sessions!

Are L-Arginine and nitric oxide the same?

L-Arginine is an amino acid that is found in many foods. It can also be synthesized in the body from L-arginine and L-ornithine.

The body uses L-arginine to produce nitric oxide, which acts as a signaling molecule in the body.

What supplement increases nitric oxide in the body?

The best supplement for increasing nitric oxide in the body is L-Arginine. L-Arginine is a natural amino acid that is found in many foods, but it's most effective when taken as a supplement.

It's also one of the most popular supplements used by people who want to increase their blood flow and boost their libido.

Is nitric oxide good for your arteries?

Yes, nitric oxide plays a good role in improving the health of your arteries. It's a key component of the process that allows blood vessels to dilate, which helps your heart pump blood more efficiently.

When you're exercising or in a stressful situation, more NO is released in your body.

This helps to relax the muscles around your blood vessels and increases blood flow to your muscles and brain.

Nitric oxide also plays an important role in immune function, allowing white blood cells to move freely throughout your body and fight off pathogens.

What is a nitric oxide booster?

A nitric oxide booster is a supplement that you can take to boost the amount of nitric oxide in your body.

Nitric oxide helps to dilate blood vessels, which means it helps your blood flow more easily.

This is helpful if you have issues with circulation or high blood pressure, but it's also good for anyone who wants to keep their heart healthy and strong.

What drinks are high in nitric oxide?

Many drinks are high in nitric oxide. Some of the most popular include:

  • Coffee
  • Green tea
  • Red wine
  • Alcohol

Does magnesium increase nitric oxide?

Hi there! Yes, magnesium increases nitric oxide.

It's important to note that when we talk about "increasing" nitric oxide, we're talking about increasing the amount of nitric oxide that is available for use.

The body also uses nitric oxide for other functions, like vasodilation (relaxing blood vessels).

So increasing nitric oxide availability doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get more blood flow or more relaxed blood vessels.

It's just that your body will have more of this molecule available to make things happen with it.

Who should not take L-arginine?

L-arginine is a powerful supplement that can help with several health conditions, and it's generally safe for most people to take.

However, if you have any of the following conditions, you should talk to your doctor before taking L-arginine:

  • Allergic reactions to foods or other substances
  • Blood vessel disease (such as atherosclerosis)
  • Heart failure
  • Heart valve disorders (mitral valve prolapse)

What are the side effects of nitric oxide?

The side effects of nitric oxide are generally mild, and they're usually only temporary.

The most common side effect is flushing, which can occur when you first start taking the drug. Some people experience headaches or dizziness as well.

If you experience any of these side effects, it's important to notify your doctor right away so that he or she can recommend an appropriate treatment plan for managing them.

Can nitric oxide cause heart problems?

Yes, it can. The heart is sensitive to nitric oxide and can be damaged by too much of it.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, meaning that it relaxes blood vessels and allows them to expand more easily.

This can cause a problem for the heart because when the blood vessels expand, they take more time to contract again, which means less oxygen gets delivered to the heart muscle.

This could lead to heart failure if left untreated.

Does nitric oxide raise or lower blood pressure?

Nitric oxide does not raise or lower blood pressure.

Nitric oxide is a gas that is produced by the body and plays a role in the function of various organs, including the heart and blood vessels.

In normal conditions, nitric oxide increases blood vessel dilation, which allows for an increase in blood flow throughout your body.

Can nitrous oxide cause heart problems?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances.

Most people can use nitrous oxide safely. However, some people may experience heart problems if they use it for a long time or in high doses.

Nitrous oxide can also cause a condition called methemoglobinemia, which is when your red blood cells don't get enough oxygen.

This can be dangerous if you use nitrous oxide for a long time or in high doses.

If you have heart problems and are using nitrous oxide to treat them, talk to your doctor before using it—they'll be able to tell you if it's safe for you to use.

Does nitric oxide reduce plaque?

Yes, nitric oxide does reduce plaque. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which means that it relaxes blood vessels and allows more blood to flow through them.

This helps prevent blockage of the coronary arteries, which can lead to heart disease and also helps prevent inflammation of the arteries, which is another major cause of cardiovascular disease.

What does nitric oxide do for the body?

Nitric oxide is a gas that plays an important role in the body. It's produced by the cells of your nervous system, and it helps to relax blood vessels so that blood can flow through them more easily.

When you have a headache, it's because your blood vessels are constricted and don't allow enough blood to reach your brain.

Nitric oxide helps to counteract this by relaxing the muscles in your blood vessels, allowing more blood to reach your brain.

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