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Do you want the best ruler for sewing work? There are various kinds of rulers for sewing DIY apparel, including curved, flexible, and transparent rulers. Sewing rulers are an essential need when it comes to getting accurate body measurements for clothes. If the size is incorrect, it is almost impossible to make a good design.

You can use it to measure your body or determine how much fabric you need to acquire for a pattern. You must use a ruler for every project. Depending on what you're sewing, you'll need different kinds of rulers to make clean lines. Also, measure curved seams for a professional look.

A sewing tape measure is also essential for newbie sewers because they must be able to measure the body and any curved seams to ensure that the design pieces fit correctly. When it comes to sewing, it's essential to know what kind of rulers you need to get the job done.

This article answers some of the people's most common questions about sewing rulers. Also, it tells you the details you should think about. All of the factors that make a ruler vital for sewing are discussed here, and the perfect one to include in your sewing gear. Also, we made a list of the best sewing rulers on the market and gave each one a review. Let's start!

Best Sewing Ruler

ARTEZA Acrylic Quilters Ruler

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We believe that the Arteza ruler kit is the ideal sewing ruler for newbies. It comes with non-slip hooks and four major square ruler sizes. You can start your ruler collection with these ruler sets, which are great for patchwork. The sizes of the rulers in the ARTEZA ruler pack are (4.5" x 4.5"), (6" x 6"), (9.5" x 9.5"), and (12.5" x 12.5"). They're the most common sizes for patchwork. In other words, you can use these rulers to get started on a slew of multiple crafting projects.

ARTEZA's rulers have a patent-protected design with two colors. Because of this, the grid lines may be seen on both light and dark clothes. Additionally, there is a 1/2′′ seam margin on the specific grid. Also, the surface is marked with measurements so that you can cut more accurately at any angle.

The angled system on these rulers is bidirectional. So it doesn't matter if you are right- or left-handed. They are easy to use. Additionally, they're built of laser-cut acrylic, which means they're both sturdy and easy to maintain.

These quilting rulers are so versatile that you can use every one of them as a quilting ruler as well. You can't go wrong with this set, which is one of the greatest deals on the market. This sewing and quilting ruler set is one of our favorites, and we think it's the greatest place to start if you're new to quilting.

Best Sewing Measuring Tool

Freinda 2 Pieces Sewing Gauge Sewing Measuring Tool

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This Frienda set includes two measurement tools. The first ruler is constructed of metal and the second of plastic. The T-shaped plastic ruler can be used to fold your cloth and adjust the scale to the desired length. In addition, you may use it to create a circle with the exact diameter you want.

The metal sewing ruler, which also functions as a buttonhole spacer, will assist you in drawing a perfect circle. There is a metric and an imperial scale on each side of the scale. You can also use this ideal tool to check seam margins, patchwork, and hook and buttonhole positioning. You can use both of them for your sewing tasks. Overall This is the finest sewing ruler set.

Best Acrylic Ruler

Fiskars Acrylic Ruler, 6x24 Inch

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The Fiskars transparent sewing ruler is constructed from high-quality, 3-millimeter acrylic. It has a length of 24 inches and a width of 6 inches. As a result, you make accurate cut cloth up to a width of 6 inches straight from the thread.

There is an easy-to-read grid measuring 1/8 inch on each of the four edges for precise measurements. There is a slit in the grid to provide a clear view of the fabric's edges as well. In addition, it includes line marks at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees to aid in cutting angles correctly. So, overall, this is one of the best transparent sewing rulers.

Best Double-Sided Ruler

Mr. Pen- Ruler

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The Mr. Pen bendy ruler, which is 24 inches (60 cm) long, can be used to change dress shapes. You can also make sketches, decoratively borders, pants draughts, and sleeve designs with this sewing ruler. You'll almost certainly miss the mark if you try to measure a curve with a standard ruler.

Also, you may shape this bendable ruler to match the curves of your body thanks to the flexible steel wire within. In addition, the ruler retains its original shape until it is straightened. It only requires a little shaping to achieve the desired curvature, holding it in place as you cut or draw the curve.

You can draw a flawless circle with the Mr. Pen curve ruler's help. Other examples include straight lines, balanced triangles, and accurate curves. Because of this, the outside edge is raised a little bit and skewed slightly. It gives both pens and pencils a precise measuring margin.

Best Sewing Ruler Set

HLZC French Curve Ruler 15 pcs Set

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If you've been thinking about trying to make your patterns. So that you can make whatever designs you want, use your old garments in new ways, and change commercial patterns to make them fit better. But you need a sewing Pattern drawing rulers in this case. So, the HLZC ruler kit is perfect for you. It arrives with ten transparent sewing rulers, some of which are French and some hip. A tape measure, two tracing wheels, and a pair of tailor's cutters are also included as bonuses. The HLZC ruler kit comes with all you need to start
creating your patterns and accurate measuring.

Best Quilting Ruler

Arteza Quilting Ruler

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The (2.5" x 18") quilting ruler from ARTEZA has unique double-colored grid line lines in bright green and black for more accurate sewing. Additionally, the ruler has inch lines on either side and a 1/2-inch seam margin. The ruler is flexible but very strong because it is made of 0.1" thick acrylic. This ruler can be used with either a left or right hand, just like other ARTEZA rulers.

However, this sewing and quilting ruler does not have a non-slip coating. For the non-slip function, you'll need to purchase some sticky rings. If you don't keep your fabric strips from slipping and sliding under this ruler, it can be irritating when you're trying to cut your stuff. But, overall, this sewing ruler is a good deal.

L Shaped Ruler

Walfront L Square Shape Ruler

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Your pattern drafting toolbox will benefit from the Walfront L-square ruler. Scaled sewing designs can be made using ruler patterns and finished projects beautifully. You will also be able to draw exact straight lines and angles of 90 degrees with its assistance.

Each of the four sides of the square has dimensions of 8 by 8 inches. This acrylic ruler is transparent so that you can see right through it. So that you can be sure that you've marked the proper spot on the fabric.

Quilting Ruler Set

6 Piece Quilting Ruler by Frienda

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There are six pieces included in this bundle. There are four square quilting rulers made of acrylic: one that is 4.5 inches, one that is 6 inches, one 9.5 inches, and 12.5 inches. It also comes with a ruler made of acrylic and a ruler for ironing.

The edges of each ruler are crisp, laser-cut, and 0.1 inches thick for simple cutting. This non-slip ruler for ironing is made of a transparent polish that can handle extreme temps. You can choose from yellow, pink, or blue when you purchase the Frienda sewing and quilting rulers set.

Best Quilting Tool

Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool

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Machine quilting is made easier with the Creative Grids sewing ruler pattern. You may stitch seams using this strange-looking ruler while echoing. Also included are sewing
crafts, crosshatching, border patterns, parallel lines, and graphic thread quilting. This ruler isn't meant to be used for gauging or precise cutting. While quilting, you can use it to guarantee that all of your stitches are going in the same direction.

One of the things we like most about Creative Grids' ruler is how thin it is. So it can be used on almost any size of throat. The curved edge makes it easier to use in different ways. There are also black and white pointing lines that can be easily seen on light and dark materials.

The ruler's hold also prevents it from moving around while you're sewing or quilting. This ruler is suitable for quilters of all levels. You'll be able to make stitches that are more exact and appealing.

Best Square Ruler Set

Omnigrid Square Value Pack

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The square sewin ruler set from Omnigrid can be used with either a rotary cutter or a clean-cut blade. You can use these rulers to square up existing blocks or to cut additional strips. They all feature an additional 1/2′′ seam allowance and various angle markings. Also, there are lines at 30°, 45°, and 65° angles that can be used to tilt and smaller cuts.

You can cut accurately on both light and dark materials thanks to Omnigrid's innovative double-sight lines. This set comes with four rulers that measure (2-1/2′′ x 2-1/2′′), (4-1/2′′ x 4-1/2′′), (6-1/2′′ x 6-1/2′′), and (9-1/2′′ x 9-1/2′′). They're simple to read and utilize the Omnigrid rulers set.

So they are an excellent choice for people just starting. They are also made of solid acrylic for rotary cutters. This sewing ruler set is a good choice if you want to start or add to your ruler collection. This four-pack is a good choice. When it comes to sewing and quilting supplies, Omnigrid is an excellent choice.

What does a sewing ruler do?

Several other tools are needed and used at each stage of the sewing process. Starting with fully automatic sewing machines and moving on to semi-automatic ones, the seams are sewn together with these sewing machines.

To ensure that the final product is as flawless as possible, more precision tools are essential." It doesn't matter what kind of equipment is utilized. Before you start sewing, it's essential to know how to cut and pin the fabric.

If the fabric isn't cut right, the finished product might not fit right and have seams that aren't straight. Because of this, there are different kinds of rulers used for sewing.

It is a straight-edged measuring tool for sewing that has measurements printed on its long and flat edges in units of inches or centimeters (depending on the material). They can serve as a sewing guide. Sewing rulers are essential for a variety of sewing tasks that involve sewing fabric quickly.

What You Should Consider When Buying a Sewing Ruler

Sewing rulers come in a wide variety of designs and materials. And each is designed to perform a specific sewing task. It's essential to understand what each kind of ruler is for. This way, you'll be able to determine which ruler is ideal for your personal sewing needs.

Acrylic rulers for quilting

Sewing rulers of this style are available in a wide variety of forms and sizes, all made of transparent plastic. The inches on the marks make it easier to quilt exact squares, hexagons, and triangles. It's utilized with a rotary cutter because the ruler is transparent and ideal for the fashion industry. You can put it right on top of the pattern you want to cut out.

Adjustable Sewing Rulers

If you need to take measurements of a long distance but do not have sufficient space. It is much easier to measure with an adjustable ruler than a traditional ruler since a folding ruler maintains its form while you are measuring.

Measuring Gauge

These gauges are useful for determining the smallest seam allowance. Additionally, label buttonholes with measurements between 1/8" and 2" in length. You may even use them to make a flawless circle with their help of them.

Rulers for Pattern Drafting

It is common to practice using a pair of these rulers to assist design patterns. If you want to make a curved pattern, you should utilize French curves. Like armholes and necklines, as well as curved darts, sleeve caps, and sleeve cap curves, for example. There are two types of curves used for hiplines, hems, and other curved patterns: the hip curve and the waist curve.

L Square for Tailors

This sewing ruler can make angles of up to 90 degrees (like a big L). It helps line up the grains both across and down. Also, It is making longer cuts more precisely.


The shape of this ruler is like a big letter T. You can use this big ruler to find the grain of the cloth, draw long queues, measure and change the fabric, and label 90-degree angles.

Acrylic Transparent Ruler

This transparent ruler can calculate and draw clean lines. In addition, they draw seam lines and quilting lines, pattern marks, hems, buttonholes bend, tucks, and creases. They feature 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch line segments for high accuracy. So, you can use the rotary cutter to measure 30-, 60-, and 90-degree angles.

Flexible Curve Ruler

This sewing ruler has a metal core inside and is composed of plastic or rubber. As a result, it can conform to any shape, such as armholes and neck holes. The 1/4-inch breadth of a flexible curve ruler makes it ideal for marking seam lines on curved surfaces.

Adjustable Seam Gauge

You can label and evaluate seam allowances with this kind of smaller ruler. Also, where to put the buttons, the length of the hem, drawstrings, pleats, and tucks.

Measuring Tape

When it comes to sewing, measuring tapes are one of the most basic and essential accessories. When taking measurements for sewing clothing, tape measures are used to measure the bust, waist, hips, and other body areas.

Metal Sewing Ruler vs. Transparent Sewing Ruler vs. Wooden Sewing Ruler

If you're not sure what kind of ruler to use for your sewing project, here are some tips. You should know that there are three main kinds of rulers: Transparent, metal edge, and wooden. There are clear visual differences between these materials, but they also have their qualities.

Transparent rulers help tailors because they let them see the seams or marks on the fabric underneath. They avoid cutting in an improper direction or producing a curved line. Rulers made of wood are more long-lasting than those transparent materials. But, the wooden rulers also dissolve and don't hurt the environment in any way.

Wood is more durable and will last longer. Transparent (clear) rulers are often composed of plastic, which can fracture, distort, or break over time. If you have questions about longevity and accuracy. Metal rulers are the most popular. Plastic or fiberglass is used to make clear rulers. After prolonged use, its edges may crack or shatter and become harsh.


The ARTEZA Acrylic Ruler is our top budget pick. This is a high-quality sewing ruler. It can't be broken easily and meets all of your needs. Also, the price is excellent.

The Fiskars Acrylic Ruler is also a good alternative if you're on a tighter budget. We hope this guide will help you find the best sewing ruler for your tailoring, and we look forward to your feedback.

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