Are you ready to take your golf game up a notch with the exciting and challenging twist in the classic game? Wolf Golf is here!

This version of the sport offers an involving, fast-paced approach that is sure to bring players to their best.

With ever-changing strategies, unpredictable turns, and intense competition between teams or individuals, Wolf Golf adds a dynamic element while staying true to the original rules.

Get ready for innovative ways of tracking scores and outfoxing your opponents in this unique spin on golf.

What is Wolf Golf and its origins?

Wolf Golf is a modified golf sport that was created in the mid-1990s by professional golfer Andrew Wolf and his colleagues.

This variation follows the traditional rules of golf with one key addition: before each hole, players select a “wolf” – the individual who will hit first on that hole – from their team.

By doing this, Wolf Golf creates an element of strategy and competition that the original game doesn’t offer.

Since its original conception, Wolf Golf has become very popular among casual players and competitive golfers alike. It is now played in many countries across the world, from America to Europe.

Whether you're playing in a tournament or just having fun with friends, Wolf Golf adds an exciting new twist to the classic game that everyone can enjoy.

Rules and regulations of the game

Wolf Golf may seem intimidating at first, but the game is very easy to understand. Here are some of the basic rules:

  • Before each hole, one player from the team will be chosen as the “wolf” – this person will hit their ball first on that hole.
  • The wolf is allowed to pick which club they will use for each shot.
  • After the wolf has hit their ball, the rest of the team will then hit their balls in order until all players have completed the hole.
  • The lowest score on a hole wins.
  • The winning team will earn an extra point, and the losing team will lose a point.
  • If two or more teams tie on a hole, no points are awarded.

Wolf Golf is a thrilling way to switch up your golf game with fast-paced action and intense competition!

Get ready for an exhilarating round of golf that will keep you on your toes and have you coming back for more.

Try Wolf Golf today and experience a whole new way to play golf!

Strategies for success in Wolf Golf

Here are some tips for winning in Wolf Golf:

Choose the right wolf:

Choosing the right wolf is key to success in Wolf Golf.

You want someone with good distance and accuracy, so they can give the team an advantage on each hole.

The wolf should have a strong mental game as well, so they can stay focused under pressure and make smart decisions on the course.

Employ different strategies:

When playing Wolf Golf, it’s important to keep your opponent guessing.

Use different strategies for different holes and switch up who the wolf is from hole to hole. This will keep your opponents on their toes and give you an edge.

Keep track of scores:

Wolf Golf is a game of strategy, so keeping track of the score at all times is essential.

Pay attention to how many points each team has and use this information to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Stay focused:

Wolf Golf requires intense concentration, so it’s important to stay focused throughout the game.

Focus on your shots and make sure you’re not letting outside distractions affect your game.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to have a successful round of Wolf Golf. So get out there and get ready for an exciting twist on the classic game!

Different types of golfers and how to approach each one.

Here are some tips on how to adjust your Wolf Golf strategy for different types of players:

Aggressive golfers:

Aggressive golfers are all about taking risks and playing at a faster pace. When you face off against an aggressive golfer, it’s important to stay focused and be ready to act quickly when the opportunity arises.

Defensive golfers:

Wolf Golf isn't just about taking risks and playing aggressively.

Defensive golfers have their strategies, and it’s important to recognize when you’re up against one.

When playing a defensive golfer, anticipate moves that will keep your opponent on the defensive and put yourself in a position of power.

Casual golfers:

Casual golfers may not be as familiar with the game, so it’s important to take a relaxed and patient approach.

Always give them time to make their shots, and don’t rush them if they seem overwhelmed.

Expert golfers:

Expert golfers are a competitive force to be reckoned with, so it’s important to have a strategy going into the game.

While you don’t necessarily need to outplay them to win, try to stay one step ahead and anticipate their next move.

Scoring and tracking your progress through the game

Scoring in Wolf Golf is slightly different than traditional golf, as the goal of the game is to outplay your opponent rather than having the lowest score.

Points are awarded for winning each hole and can be tracked on a leaderboard. This allows players to know exactly how they’re doing throughout the game and where they stand against their opponents.

Tracking your progress in Wolf Golf is essential for success. Monitor your score throughout the game and adjust your strategy as needed.

Pay attention to how many points each team has, and make sure you’re always one step ahead of your opponents.

Best ways to practice Wolf Golf so you can be ready for any match

Practicing and honing your Wolf Golf skills is key to success against other players. Here are a few tips on how to practice effectively:

  • Play with friends or partners as often as possible. This will help you get used to the rules of the game and develop strategies for specific holes.
  • Take time to watch experienced players play the game. Observing their strategies can help you develop your style of play and give you ideas on how to outplay your opponents.
  • Play against the computer or an AI opponent, as this will help you get used to different types of players and develop tactics for how to approach them in a real match.
  • Test yourself under pressure by setting up solo matches or tournaments. This will help you to stay focused and develop an ability to think quickly in the moment.

By practicing your Wolf Golf skills, you’ll be ready to take on any match! Take advantage of these tips and become an expert at this thrilling twist on traditional golf.

Keeping Score in Wolf Golf

Scoring in Wolf Golf is slightly different from other golf games, as the goal of the game isn’t necessarily to have the lowest score.

Points are awarded for winning each hole and can be tracked on a leaderboard. This allows players to know exactly how they’re doing throughout the game and where they stand against their opponents.

Keeping track of scores in Wolf Golf is just as important as any other golf game, and it’s important to keep an accurate account of how each team or individual is doing.

Make sure you are properly tracking point totals for each hole and keeping notes on your opponents’ strategies.

This way, you can better plan your strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

Tips and Techniques for Winning at Wolf Golf

Here are some tips and techniques to help you become a better Wolf Golf player:

Plan your strategy:

Take the time to plan out your strategy before each hole. You want to choose a wolf who will give you an advantage on that particular hole, and have an idea of what kind of approach you are going to take.

Planning can give you an edge during the game.

Pay attention to the other team:

Watch your opponents closely and pay attention to their strategies. This will help you anticipate their next move and put yourself in a more advantageous position.

Monitor the score:

Throughout the game, keep track of everyone’s scores. This will give you an idea of how the game is progressing and what your strategy should be based on who is ahead.

Take risks:

Wolf Golf encourages players to take risks and push themselves outside their comfort zone.

When faced with a difficult situation, consider taking a risk even if it seems intimidating. This can pay off in the end and give you an edge over your opponents.

Enjoy a Fresh Take on an Old Classic with Wolf Golf!

Wolf Golf is a great way to enjoy the classic game of golf with an exciting twist.

Whether you’re playing against friends or in tournaments, Wolf Golf provides an unpredictable and strategic version of the game that will push your skills to their limits.

With different strategies for each type of player, it’s important to stay one step ahead of your opponents.

Practice your skills, work on your strategy, and pay attention to the score so you can come out ahead in each game.

With Wolf Golf, the challenge and fun never end! So get ready for an exciting new way to enjoy some classic golfing fun.

Give it a try today and find out why Wolf Golf is quickly becoming one of the most popular versions of the game!

Conveniently, Wolf Golf can be played outdoors or indoors on a variety of surfaces such as grass, concrete, and virtual.

This makes it an accessible option for people who may not have access to a golf course.

With options to play solo or with up to four players, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy this dynamic game. So don’t wait—grab your clubs and get ready for an exciting round of Wolf Golf!


What’s the difference between traditional golf and Wolf Golf?

The main difference between traditional golf and Wolf Golf is that in Wolf Golf, instead of competing against other players to get the lowest score, you’re competing to outplay your opponents by winning each hole.

Scoring is tracked on a leaderboard and points are awarded for each hole won.

Is Wolf Golf suitable for beginners?

Yes, Wolf Golf is suitable for all levels of players, from beginners to experienced golfers.

The game is designed to be accessible to everyone and can be easily adapted to suit different skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting, Wolf Golf provides an enjoyable and exciting challenge.

What are some of the best ways to practice Wolf Golf?

The best way to practice Wolf Golf is by playing with friends or partners as often as possible.

This will help you become familiar with the rules and develop strategies for different holes.

You can also take time to watch experienced players and play against the computer or an AI opponent.

Are there any special rules for Wolf Golf?

Yes, some special rules for Wolf Golf make it different from traditional golf. The game is played in teams of two or four, and each team has the option to designate one player as a ‘wolf’.

The wolf can choose which hole they want to play on and their score counts double against the other players’ scores. This makes it more difficult for the other players to win that hole.

What strategies should I use when playing Wolf Golf?

When playing Wolf Golf, it’s important to have a strategy in mind before each hole.

Choose a wolf who will give your team an advantage, watch your opponents’ strategies closely, and plan for unpredictable turns.

You should also take risks when appropriate and always pay attention to the score so you can stay one step ahead of your opponents.


Wolf Golf is a game that is sure to become a hit with all types of golfers.

It provides an exciting challenge to even the most experienced players while introducing new players to some of the intricacies of golf strategy.

With so many elements at play in each hand, it can be hard to predict who will end up winning!

Players must think strategically and score their progress throughout to improve their chances of being a winner.

Wolf Golf takes a classic game and adds an amazing twist, creating a unique experience for every player.

Get your friends together and start playing this fresh take on an old classic today, and don't forget our tips and techniques for winning plus the best practices for succeeding in Wolf Golf!

Invite your friends to join you in changing up the traditional game of golf with something different – try Wolf Golf now!

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