Macbook air space grey vs silver

Are you looking to purchase a new Macbook Air but are torn between Space Grey and Silver? From color to cooling capabilities, there are many factors to consider when debating which model will best suit your needs.

We've researched so you don't have to: here is our comprehensive comparison between space grey and silver Macbook Airs.

Read on for an in-depth review that dives into battery life, graphics, memory size, and more - so that you can make an informed decision about which option is right for your needs.

Detailed Color Comparison

When it comes to Macbooks, there are a few color options available. One of the most popular choices is between Macbook Air in space grey and silver. Both colors have their unique appeal, but which one should you choose? Let's take a closer look at Macbook Air space grey vs. silver.

The Macbook Air in space grey is a sleek and modern look for those who want their Macbook to stand out. The matte finish of the space grey Macbook Air gives it an almost elegant feel yet still provides enough contrast to be noticeable.

The Macbook Air in silver, on the other hand, has a more traditional appearance. The silver Macbook Air brings a classic, sparkling look to your Macbook and is perfect for those who want to maintain a timeless style.

The choice of Macbook Air space grey vs. silver depends on personal preference. If you're looking for an eye-catching look that stands out from the crowd, the Macbook Air space grey is a great option.

Macbook Air silver could be the right choice for you if you prefer a timeless look that still looks great. No matter which Macbook Air color you choose, both will make your Macbook look great and last a long time.

So whether your preference is Macbook Air space grey vs. silver, the Macbook color you choose is sure to be a stylish addition to your Macbook collection.


The MacBook Silver and Space Gray variants of the 13-inch MacBook Pro have different performance specs. The Silver model has an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of memory, while the Space Gray model has an Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of memory.

When it comes to speed, the Silver MacBook Pro is slightly faster than the Space Gray variant. In our tests, the Silver model could complete a task in about 10 seconds compared to about 11 seconds for the Space Gray model.

However, the two models are almost identical in terms of overall performance. Overall, the MacBook Silver is worth considering if you're looking for a high-performance laptop that doesn't break the bank.

However, if you're looking for a more stylish option, the Space Gray version is probably better suited.

Other Basic Comparison Between MacBook Silver VS Space Grey

  1. Weight: The MacBook Silver weighs just 2.03 pounds, while the Space Grey model is slightly heavier at 2.06 pounds.
  2. Battery Life: The MacBook Silver promises up to 12 hours, while the Space Grey model offers up to 10 hours of battery life.
  3. Processor: Both the MacBook Silver and Space Grey are powered by Intel Core i5 processors, but the Silver model has a slightly faster processor speed of 1.6GHz, compared to the Space Grey's 1.4GHz.
  4. Storage: Both models have 128GB of flash storage, but the MacBook Silver can be upgraded to 256GB, while the Space Grey is maxed out at 128 GB.
  5. Display: The MacBook Silver and Space Grey both have 12-inch Retina displays, but the Silver model has a higher resolution of 2304×1440 than Space Grey's 1920×1080.
  6. Ports: Both models come with two USB-C ports, but the MacBook Silver also has a headphone jack, while the Space Grey does not.
  7. Price: The MacBook Silver starts at $1299, while the Space Grey model is priced at $1499.
  8. Graphics: The MacBook Silver has Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, while the Space Grey has Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655.
  9. Keyboard and Trackpad: The keyboard and trackpad on the MacBook Silver are the same as the ones on the Space Grey model.
  10. Camera: MacBook Silver and Space Grey have front-facing 720p HD cameras.

Is It Better To Choose A Bright Or Dark Theme?

When deciding between Macbook air space grey or silver, it cannot be difficult to choose which is best for you. Whether you prefer a bright laptop theme or a dark laptop theme is really up to personal preference.

The Macbook Air in space grey offers a sleek, modern look and fits perfectly into any lifestyle. The Macbook Air in silver is brighter and offers a more traditional look. It also works well as an all-purpose laptop, as it's not too flashy and can work for a both sleek and professional looks and casual settings.

If you prefer a subtle laptop yet still stand out, then the Macbook Air in space grey may be a perfect choice. On the other hand, the Macbook Air in silver will suit those who prefer a laptop with a bit of flair and style.

If you are looking for a Macbook that is durable and long-lasting, Macbook Air chooses space gray and Macbook Air Silver may be the right choice for you. Both Macbook Air options are crafted from the same sturdy materials, so you can be sure that whatever Macbook you choose will last for years.

Whether you go for a Macbook air space grey or silver is completely up to your style and preference. If you're still unsure which one may be best for you, there's no harm in trying both Macbook Air options and seeing which one feels right.

After all, the Macbook Air space gray color or Macbook Air silver will be part of your life for a long time - so make sure to pick the one that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly.

14 Inches Or 16 Inches?

The Macbook Air is available in two sizes, a 13-inch, and a 16-inch model. Both models are available in the Macbook air space grey or Macbook air silver color options.

The 13-inch Macbook Air offers an amazing Retina display with True Tone technology, while the 16-inch Macbook Air has a larger Retina display with a higher resolution.

Macbook air sizes come with the latest 88th-generation Intell processors and up to 16GB of RAM for faster performance and smoother multitasking. No matter which Macbook Air size you choose, it will be available in either Macbook air space grey or Macbook air silver color options.

Space Gray:

Pros: Macbook air called space gray is sleek and stylish. It has the same finish as silver MacBooks from 2018 onwards, giving you a more modern look than other color options.

Furthermore, this Macbook has an all-gray finish for a uniform appearance which many users prefer.

Cons: Macbook air in Space Gray has no additional color variations. This means that all Macbook air in silver or space gray will look the same, with no variation in design.


Pros: Macbook air in silver has an additional color option. It is available in silver and gold, allowing Macbook air users to choose between colors if they prefer different styles. Additionally, the Facebook air in silver has a more traditional and classic look compared to Macbooks from 2018 onwards.

Cons: Macbook air in silver is not as modern as Macbooks from 2018 onwards. Macbook air users who prefer the latest styles may not find them attractive.

Additionally, the Facebook air in silver does not have the same uniform appearance as Macbook in Space Gray. This means Macbook air users may need additional accessories to match their Macbook.

In conclusion, Macbook Air in Space Gray and Silver both have advantages and disadvantages. The user should choose the color best suits their style and preference.


What Color Matches Best?

Regarding Macbook Air, the Space dark grey and Silver color options have the same features. So the choice of which one is best for you depends on your personal preference.

Macbook Air in Space Grey has a sleek metallic finish that gives it a distinguished look, while Macbook Air in Silver provides a classic yet stylish appearance. Both space-gray macbook Airs are equally elegant and sophisticated.

Is Macbook Air Silver More Expensive Than Space Grey?

Macbook Air in Silver and Space Grey has the same price tag. The color option you choowon'tn't impact your purchase price.

Is Macbook Air Silver More Durable Than Space Grey?

No, Macbook Airs in both colors are equally durable and constructed from the same materials. Macbook Airs in both colors can withstand everyday wear and tear with ease.

Which Macbook Air Color Is Easier to Clean?

Macbook Airs in Silver and Space Grey require minimal maintenance to keep them looking new. Macbook Airs are designed with a fingerprint-resistant finish that ensures easy cleaning.

Does Macbook Air Silver Get Hot Faster?

No, Macbook Airs in both colors stay cool under heavy use due to the efficient thermal system within Macbook Airs. Macbook Airs in both colors remain cool and comfortable to the touch even after hours of use.

Does Macbook Air Silver Look Cheaper Than Space Grey?

No, Macbook Airs in both colors look premium and sophisticated. Macbook Airs in both colors are designed with the same precision engineering that Apple is renowned for


Swhat'st’s the final verdict on Macbook air space grey vs. silver? You're looking for a laptop that makes a statement and stands out from the rest, which goes with the space grey.

Choose silver if you prefer a classic look that will never go out of style. Whichever color you decide on, ycan'tn’t go wrong with the Macbook Air.

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