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If you want to improve your golf game, one of the best places to start is by improving your grip. The right grip can help you hit the ball further and straighter, giving you a big advantage on the course.

In this blog post, we've reviewed some of the best grips for drivers available on the market today. We hope that our recommendations will help you find a grip that improves your game and gives you more confidence in the links. Thanks for reading.

Things you should consider before buying Best Golf Grip for Driver

The material of the grip can have a big impact on how comfortable and secure you feel when gripping your club. Look for corded grips that are made from materials such as rubber, leather, or cord grip to provide optimal performance and comfort.

The size of the grip is important in determining how well it fits your hand. If the grip is too small, you may find that you can’t get a proper grip on the club, leading to mis-hits and poor shots.

Also, consider the texture of the grip some are designed with patterns or ridges to help increase traction and improve your control over the club. So without further ado, let's look at the 5 best Golf grips for drivers.

Best Golf Grip for Driver

Karma Neion II Golf Grips

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The Karma Neion II Golf Grips are the perfect choice for any golfer looking to improve their game. The grip offers a soft, multi-textured, slip-resistant surface that provides a great balance between feel and slips resistance.

What we like:

The Karma Neion II golf grip is a great choice for golfers looking to add some extra flair to their clubs while still maintaining excellent performance.

The multi-textured surface provides the perfect balance of feel and slip resistance so you can hit your driver with confidence.

The five vibrant colors allow you to pick the look that suits your style best. The Karma Neion II grip is also lightweight and available in both standard and undersize sizes to fit your needs.

The Karma Neion II Golf Grip provides golfers with an excellent option for improving their driver game.

Things you should consider:

The Karma Neion II Golf Grip is an ideal choice for golfers looking for a multi-textured grip with improved feel and slip resistance. The vibrant colors make this grip stand out and the light weight ensures that you can golf swing your driver with ease.

The size options also allow you to find the perfect fit for your hands, giving you, even more, control and accuracy. The Karma Neion II Golf Grip is a great option for anyone looking to improve their game. With so many choices on the market, we hope that this review has helped you narrow down your search and find the perfect grip for your driver.

Best Golf Club Grip for Driver

Lamkin Sonar + Grips

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The grip has been designed with a larger lower hand to provide maximum surface texture and a more comfortable feel when gripping your club.

The grip also features an all-weather control, which ensures you have the optimal amount of traction no matter what the weather conditions are.

What we like:

The golf pride grips MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Grip is a great choice for anyone looking to add extra power and control to their drive.

The grip has two different rubber grip compounds – one in the upper hand position, and another in the lower hand position which helps reduce vibration and provide maximum traction when it's time to hit the ball.

The grip is also textured for extra control and has a larger lower-hand section, making it easier to get a better grip on the club.

Also, all-weather control provides maximum surface texture, no matter what conditions you're playing in.

Things you should consider:

The golf pride tour velvet MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip is a great choice for golfers looking to improve their driving distance and accuracy.

The oversized lower hand provides maximum control, while the textured surface ensures an all-weather grip.

The grip's durability makes it an excellent option for those who play often, as well as occasional golfers.

The grip's unique design also helps to reduce fatigue and strain on the hands, making it perfect for those who are new to the game or want more control out on the course.

Best Golf Grip for a Driver

Winn Grips Dri-Tac

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The medium softness of the grip ensures shock absorption while providing a high level of water resistance.

The variant pressure points provide a non-slip performance, giving you more control when swinging your driver.

What we like:

The Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT (Less Taper) Golf Grip is great for those looking for a firm-feeling grip that offers plenty of traction. The medium-soft feel tacky texture gives you the confidence to hit the ball with greater accuracy and power.

The shock-absorbing feature also helps dampen vibration, making it ideal for players of all levels.

The variant pressure points provide excellent non-slip performance, while the medium-level tread pattern offers plenty of grip in wet conditions.

Also, the grip is available in three sizes standard, midsize, and oversize so you can choose one that best suits your playing style.

Things you should consider:

The Winn golf grips Dri-Tac LT (Less Taper) Golf Grip is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a grip to help improve your game.

The textured surface and shock absorption help ensure a secure and comfortable hold.

The medium-soft tacky grip provides great control over the club, while the variant pressure points prevent slipping. The high water resistance also helps keep the grip in good condition even after a long day on the course.

The Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT (Less Taper) Golf Grip is available in standard, midsize, and oversize sizes.

Best Hand Grip for Golf Driver

Lamkin Sonar Grip Standard

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The Lamkin Sonar + Grips, Swinging Grips are a unique new hybrid compound grip that is designed to provide exceptional traction and torsion control.

The reduced-taper profile reduces grip tension, allowing for increased power and accuracy when swinging your driver or other clubs.

What we like:

The grip provides an even balance of torsion control, comfort, and a slip-free feel. The Fingerprint Technology helps to reduce grip tension, allowing you to hit the ball further.

The Genesis Material provides superior durability in any weather conditions. The Black/Blue color combination gives it a nice appearance.

The grip size is standard and fits most golf club grips. Also, the brand Lamkin is well known for quality golf grips. And it comes with a great price tag.

Also, it is very easy to install. So if you are looking for an affordable and reliable grip, then this might be the right one for you.

Things you should consider:

The Lamkin Sonar + Grips are designed with a reduced-taper profile that helps reduce grip tension, adding power to your shots.

The grips are manufactured with Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and patented Genesis Material, a hybrid rubber compound designed to provide high-traction, torsion control, and slip-free comfort.

The Fingerprint Technology features an intricate microtextured surface pattern that is developed to sync with your hand texture; encouraging lighter grip pressure for an improved feel.

The Genesis Material is also highly durable, adjusting to any weather while maintaining its intended feel.

Ultralite Golf Grip

JumboMax JMX

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The JumboMax JMX Ultralite Golf Grips are the perfect choice for golfers looking to take their game to the next level.

The ultra-light construction of these grips is 20-25% lighter than traditional golf grips, promoting faster clubhead speed and improved swing accuracy.

What we like:

The JumboMax JMX Ultralite Golf Grips are great if you need a light grip that is easy to use and provides excellent control.

The oversized profile helps keep your hands from over-gripping, which can lead to inaccurate shots.

The Twist-Resistant StabilityCore technology also makes it easier to maintain control in rough or uneven terrain. The textured design provides a comfortable, secure grip even in wet conditions.

Also, the Ultralite design is 20-25% lighter than most other grips, helping you get more speed and distance off the tee.

Things you should consider:

The JumboMax JMX Ultralite Golf Grips are a great option for golfers who want to increase their distance and accuracy off the tee.

The extra large grip profile and Ultralite construction provide added control while the twist-resistant stability core ensures that your shots stay straight even in the rough.

The set comes in a variety of different colors to match your style, and they are backed by a Major Winner - Bryson DeChambeau.

Also, they are 20-25% lighter than standard golf grips, helping to promote light, even grip pressure, and faster clubhead speed.

The only downside is that some players might not be comfortable with the extra-large size.

Best Golf Grip For Driver FAQs

Do you use the same grip for the driver and irons?

No, you should use a different grip for the driver and irons. The driver requires a stronger, more secure grip than the irons do.

The driver grip is also generally longer than the irons grip. The shape of the grip can be different too, with a thicker handle to ensure that your hands don’t slip while swinging.

What type of golf grips should I use?

The best type of golf grip for you depends on your swing, as well as your level of comfort.

The most popular grips are the traditional wrap style and the oversize grip. The traditional grip is a thinner design that allows for greater control, while the oversize grip provides more cushioning for extra support and a better feel.

What are the benefits of using a golf grip?

Using the right grip on your club can help improve your game in several ways. The right grip can give you more control over your shots and make it easier to hit longer, straighter drives.

The secure feeling it gives makes it easier to maintain good form during the swing. The right grip can also reduce fatigue, as you won’t have to squeeze the club so hard.

What is the best way to care for golf grips?

It's important to take good care of your golf grips if you want them to last. The most important thing is to keep them clean and dry.

After each round, wipe the grips down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime. If they get really dirty, you can use a mild detergent and water solution on a brush or cloth to give them a deep cleaning.

Is there a different golf grip for a driver?

Yes, there is a specific type of golf grip designed specifically for drivers. The driver grip is usually thicker and longer than the grips used on irons.

The added length gives you more control when swinging the club, while the extra thickness allows you to maintain a stronger grip without having your hands slip or move too much.

Do pro golfers use thicker grips?

Many pros use thicker grips, as they allow for a more secure grip and greater control of the club.

The extra thickness also helps to reduce strain on your hands, allowing you to remain focused throughout the entire swing.

The right grip can make all the difference in your game, so it's worth experimenting with different styles until you find one that

Do any pro golfers use a weak grip?

Some pros use a weak grip, which is when your hands are rotated around the shaft of the club.

The key to using a weak grip successfully is to ensure that you still maintain control throughout the swing and don’t allow your wrists or elbows to move too much.

Are 2 or 3-hole grips better?

This is a matter of personal preference. The two-hole grip (also known as the overlap grip) allows for more control, and it’s a popular choice among professional golfers.

The three-hole grip (also known as the interlocking grip) offers more stability, which can be beneficial for beginners.

What is the easiest golf grip?

The easiest golf grip is the 10-finger grip, which is also known as the baseball grip.

The idea behind this type of grip is that all ten fingers are on the club, giving you a strong and secure hold throughout your swing.

Are oversize golf grips better?

Oversize golf grips are great for players who have medium or larger hands, as they provide extra cushioning and support. The added size also helps to reduce strain on your hands, allowing you to maintain a consistent grip throughout the entire swing.

Final Words:

If you are a golfer, then you know that having the best golf grip for your driver can make all the difference.

After all, the last thing you want is to slice the ball into the woods! That’s why we’ve put together a list of the five best golf grips for your driver.

With one of these grips, you’ll be sure to have more control over your shots and achieve greater accuracy. So what are you waiting for? Give one of these grips a try today.

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